Large (international) Pharmaceutical Client Beverage Project

Create a “Ready to Drink” Nutraceutical UHT beverage for a large (international) pharmaceutical client.

Client: Large (International) Pharmaceutical Client
Location: International
Industry: Pharmaceutical Client
Services Offered:

The Client approached Inline NutraLabs to create a “Ready to Drink” nutraceutical UHT beverage with 45+ nutrients.

Client’s Target was to launch the first nutritional UHT beverage in Australia that contains a combination of super greens, super fruits, dietary fibres, probiotic bacteria, vitamins and minerals as well as protein.



Many of the Inline NutraLabs teams were involved in getting this product from concept into the market as a commercial product.

Business Development worked with the client to take the original project brief and then analysing and tweaking it, before briefing the Technical Team on client’s requirements and keeping track of client’s needs throughout the project and aligning these with internal team requirements.

Product Development then created a formulation of ingredient and flavour combinations that would withstand UHT treatment and provide a 9-month shelf life. They also prepared samples for assessment and approval.

Our Technical staff were present during UHT trials in our Clients factory and guided changes throughout these factory trials. This also included setting up shelf life trials of the RTD products to assess deterioration. Having staff onsite enabled formulation adjustments to be easily made.

Operational staff were involved in managing the process of moving this product from laboratory sample to upscaling to a successful commercial product in our factory.

Inline NutraLabs assisted our Client’s Marketing team by reviewing of labels, marketing information and positioning of product to meet all legal and nutritional guidelines.

This project required many teams from both the Client as well as from Inline NutraLabs to work together intensely and meet regularly in person and via phone over the course of 9 months to hit milestones and bring the idea to fruition in the market place.