Product Development

Develop commercially competitive products.

Our NPD team will guide you through the product development process to develop commercially competitive products.  With many years of formulating expertise, we can offer creative solutions whilst at the same time assisting with regulatory and compliance issues.


Our team has extensive knowledge and experience

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of functional foods and can guide you on the appropriate raw materials for your application. Raw materials are sourced globally and in many instances we buy and hold stock exclusively for a particular product. We are constantly monitoring and evaluating innovative new raw materials as they become commercially available to offer the latest in nutritional trends to our customers. 

Flavour is often the most challenging aspect of working with ingredients that impart nutritional benefits. We are highly skilled in this area and have expertise in enhancing the taste appeal of these types of products. During the development process we will work with you to ensure the product is developed to your nutritional and flavour expectations. 

Right from the start products are designed to ensure a safe, consistent and cost-effective end product. We also offer a complimentary review of your label artwork and can assist with packaging development and design.