20 Jan 2020

Inline NutraLabs Nutrition and FIAQ

Inline NutraLabs is an active member of the Food Industry Association of Queensland (FIAQ)!

FIAQ is a non-for-profit organisation run by industry members. Their aim is to offer members opportunities to connect with services and advice, develop their business, network and develop professionally. As part of our team’s professional development, our staff attend FIAQ events, including the Food Safety Conference and the Food Manufacturing Seminar Series. We also give students the opportunity to experience food manufacturing by hosting interns and conducting factory tours.

Inline NutraLabs was lucky enough to be featured on the FIAQ website this month as part of the new “Meet Our Members” initiative.

Click Here to view our FIAQ Member Profile. If you’re interested in learning more about FIAQ, feel free to reach out via their website.