26 Mar 2021


VLCD Very Low Calorie Diet PART FOUR

Potassium is one of those minerals that has no Recommended Dietary Intake as daily consumer intake is quite generous due to its ubiquitous nature. It is estimated an adult needs about 6g per day which would mean a VLED product consumed 4 times per day should contain 1.5g per serve.

There are several powdered potassium sources and none of them are very pleasant to taste.  At Inline NutraLabs we experimented with the full range and found that the inclusion of any potassium salt at more than about 600-700mg had a very negative effect on the flavour. We decided to make a representation to FSANZ to highlight our concerns and to demonstrate that high levels of potassium in a VLED style product are impracticable. More to follow……..