26 Mar 2021


VLCD Very Low Calorie Diet PART FIVE

To demonstrate that a VLED product is virtually unpalatable with the proposed level of potassium, Jack Steggall and Dr Tim Orchard travelled to Canberra. They submitted samples of VLED style products containing different levels of potassium for review. 

Despite this sensory demonstration the FSANZ VLED draft standard remained for some years afterwards but the always as a draft. A product meeting the draft standard was never made by any company most likely due to the palatability issues highlighted by Inline NutraLabs.

One Company did produce a product with the required Essential Fatty Acids and only 500-600mg of potassium.  This was the closest anyone got to meeting the draft standard requirements and eventually FSANZ gave up – the VLED draft standard was never gazetted.

Therefore a VLED or VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) product sold today is essentially a Formulated Meal Replacement and not it’s own separate, regulated product.